"Dear Odonata Care: 

Thank you for your excellent hospice resources in print and on video. They gave us the knowledge and confidence we needed to support our mom during her transition. 


Bonnie and Chuck"

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"This is excellent! It’s simple and easy to read and understand. It would be great to have for our families - they forget our instructions! This would be a great tool to have on hand. Having had personal hospice experience, I would have liked to have a resource like this!"

Karen RN (A nurse in Baltimore who now works in a home care agency)

A Path to Comfort: Caring for the Hospice Patient

is transforming patient care at end of life.


  • For hospices, this booklet will save time and money supporting staff with education, improved efficiency, and accomplishes the goal of providing excellent hospice care.

  • For students of nursing, medicine, certified nursing assistants, caregivers and families unfamiliar with end of life care, this booklet is a foundation of caregiving information and education.

Most hospice literature addresses the caregiving and emotional needs of the patient and family with a broad stroke. Currently, the full story of the patient experience at the end of life lacks specific practical information and guidance.

  • This booklet is a hands-on easy-to-use guide and is a central source of information that literally puts everyone involved on the same page.

  • It is one-stop shopping for the full end of life experience and decreases the need for multiple educational materials.

  • It is endorsed by nationally known palliative leaders: Dr. Susan Block and Dr. Ira Byock.

  • The free Youtube videos linked to the care and safety section give a quick visual how-to guide.

  • For hospices:

    • ​It is organized by care and symptom management needs and gives space for individualized patient instructions.

    • This booklet has been shown to significantly decrease triage and after-hours calls.

    • It supports consistent practice of the nursing team.

  • For students:

    • ​It is a quick but thorough guide to help recognize patient needs and manage end of life care, with room for notetaking.

    • It gives a realistic snapshot view into the end of life experience.

We hope the booklet sample will inspire you to buy this valuable end of life tool which will give you the knowledge and confidence to face end of life challenges - both professionally and personally.


The information contained in this written reading material provides simple instructions regarding care needs and for relieving common symptoms that arise for a person during the end of their life. This information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained within this booklet is for general information purposes only. Furthermore, Odonata Care, the author, makes no representation and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in this reading material, including references to or advertisements of any products inserted on any of its pages. Such information is subject to change without notice.