Video Tutorials:

These video tutorials have been created to assist families and caregivers to quickly learn caregiving techniques for the bed bound patient. 

These free videos demonstrate the instructions in the "Care and Safety" section of the booklet; A Path to Comfort: Caring for the Hospice Patient

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Introduction for End of Life Care and Services

Moving a Patient Up in Bed with a One Person Assist

Positioning for Comfort: To Lie on the Back

Moving a Patient Up in Bed with a Two Person Assist

Changing an Absorbent Brief for a Bed Bound Patient

Positioning for Comfort to Lie on the Side

Transfer a Patient from Bed into a Wheelchair

Position to Lying from Sitting at the Edge of the Bed

Placing a Turn or Drawsheet Under a Patient

Oral Care, Secretions, Hydration, and Nutrition for Hospice Patients

Medication Management: Organization and Administration

Bed Bath