Our mission is to transform the end of life experience through education and support


We desire to open hearts and minds to the beauty in the labor of dying. Our hope is
to influence a shift in the cultural perception that views death as a failure or a battle lost.
In America, Palliative and Hospice Care is growing rapidly, demanding quality end of life
care. Our company grew out of this cultural awareness and the practical needs for
anyone facing the end of life.

We, Brenda and Nancy, hold over forty years of hospice nursing between us. Our
professional experience as registered nurses has been, and continues to be, directly at
the bedside, accompanying our clients as they die--with dignity, and the best possible
physical, spiritual and emotional comfort. In this position, as the primary professional of
the hospice care team, we are invited into the real, most personal and dramatic
conclusion of our human path--death.

Our company is a central source of end of life information. We aim to empower the
patient, family member, health care provider and bedside caregiver. Here you can find
practical instructions and videos needed for direct patient care. Also you will find some
of our true to life stories about death and dying, which we hope will support you on your
own path.

Qualifications: Brenda and Nancy are both registered nurses with a baccalaureate in nursing science.
They are each nationally accredited Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurses. Both have been guest
speakers for the nursing school at Oregon Health Sciences University and regularly speak to and educate
committee organizations, volunteers, and caregivers regarding end of life care and process. They serve
as mentors and educators for nurses new to hospice care. For years, Brenda and Nancy have been the
only RNs caring for pediatric hospice patients and their families in their region. They are certified ACT
(Advanced Communication Training) trainers and educate health care providers how to have end of life


Brenda Kizzier RN BSN CHPN            

 Nancy Hayerman RN BSN CHPN